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Week in Review: Year of Love


Who wants to hear a secret? Or maybe a couple of secrets? OK, the first is this: I kind of dig horoscopes. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that isn’t much of a secret. I can be a bit in the clouds about certain things, and I admittedly look for a little magic in life. I’m weird about numbers, random coincidences, and the stars. Now, to be fair, I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard astrology believer. Not by any means. I don’t bother reading my daily or even weekly forecasts. Who has time for that? But, I do think there is something to astrology in general, and I kind of dig checking in on my more in-depth monthly and yearly horoscopes from time to time. It’s this fun thing I do, where I convince myself the world could be that simple. And for the record, sometimes those predictions are pretty right on. Just before Cheeks was born, for instance, all signs were pointing to my life changing in a very big way. In fact, some planet (I kept joking Uranus, but I don’t think that was it) was moving out of one of my houses (I’m …

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