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Week in Review: My Little Jetsetter

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Cheeks and I arrived at the airport in Alaska at 7:30 yesterday morning (after I had been up until past 3 in the morning packing) and we landed in Arizona at 5:30 last night. I will admit, I was unusually nervous about this trip. Even though Cheeks has always travelled well in the past, she is older now. Old enough to be mobile and wanting to do her own thing, but not necessarily old enough to understand why she can’t. And so, I was nervous. Afraid we were going to have a total meltdown at some point on the plane. But I should have had more faith in my girl. She did absolutely amazing. I mean, we are talking cheering “Wheeee” at take off and landing, smiling at everyone she met, playing peacefully with crayons, stickers and books, and never once melting down at all. Six hours on a plane (and a few bonus hours at the airport) and she totally handled it like a pro. I was so proud. She only napped for about 30 minutes. And it never occurred to me to pick up child headphones before the trip, so the entire time she tried to watch Frozen, …

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