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Week in Review: The First ER Vist


Just a few weeks ago, I was asking my friends what they thought our first big ER scare would be. Because let’s face it, all kids put their parents through that scare at some point or another. My first was a broken arm at age 3. I fell off a toilet. That’s not a lie, and I don’t want to talk about it. My first big, bad scary one was when I was 8. Attacked by a dog and with over 75 stitches in my face – my poor dad couldn’t even sit in the room with me, he was so traumatized by my trauma. So I’ve known it was coming. One way or another, our kids are all going to put us through that. For us, it happened earlier this week. Those of you who follow on Facebook have a vague idea of what happened – in my early morning panic, I posted there simply because I didn’t totally know what I should be doing and I hadn’t heard back from her doctor yet. I’m glad I did though. Those of you who responded there gave me the confidence to follow my gut and get Cheeks to the ER. …

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