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Week in Review: Living the Dream


A few weeks ago, I came across some recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Pediatric Dental Association saying that kids should go in for their first dental appointment at 1-year. It honestly never would have occurred to me to bring Cheeks to the dentist this young (I mean, anyone who puts a finger in her mouth right now is truly doing so at their own risk) and after posting a Facebook poll on the subject – it seemed clear it hasn’t occurred to a whole lot of other people either. But when I asked her pediatrician about it, she said it was always a good idea to be proactive – so we made the appointment and went this week. Let’s talk about things I wish we hadn’t done… Don’t get me wrong, it was actually quite informative. I got to ask some questions, they gave us a bag of goodies, and the entire appointment took only 15 minutes of our time. So it certainly didn’t hurt to get in there and check it all out. But… Cheeks definitely wasn’t ready. Even sitting in my lap, she was seriously unhappy when they began looking in her mouth …

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