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week in Review: She Walks!


Those of you who have been following along for a while probably remember that I’ve been a little nervous about Cheeks not walking yet. Mostly because at 12 months, she had seemed so close – and then it was almost as though she regressed backwards and stopped doing what she had even been doing up to that point. If she made it to 18 months and still wasn’t walking, her pediatrician wanted to send her to get evaluated – which also made me nervous. I felt confident that she had the strength and ability, but it was a little nerve wracking trying to figure out why she was just so disinterested. Well, Cheeks turned 17 months on Monday. And on Tuesday, she started taking her first real steps for me (she had been walking at daycare for a few days before that). So, we have a walker! And now, she is cruising all over the house. Like walking was never any big deal in the first place. Little stinker. If you missed the video of her taking some of those coveted first steps, check out Facebook!   What I’ve Been Saying How do you feel about sunscreen? I’ll be honest …

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