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Week in Review: Quarantined


So you all know how I had ebola two weeks ago, right? Well… that damn bug lingered. Like, forever. But Cheeks somehow kept avoiding it. I was running a fever off and on for two weeks, but my little girl, she stayed healthy! Until Monday morning. When I went to get her up for gymnastics and realized… she was miserable. And running a fever. It has been a rough week spent quarantined inside with my little bug.  Lots of disney movies and cuddles, but not much else. I’ve had to cancel dates (yes, dates – I was kind of on a roll), doctors appointments (mine, not hers) and showers (because who has time to shower?) all week long. And needless to say, I don’t think we will be Trick or Treating tonight. My poor bug. I’ve also, obviously, fallen way behind on work this week. And for that reason, I’ll be making this a super brief Week in Review so that I can get back to trying to catch up. Here’s what you may have missed: Over at, I talked about an option I may finally be ready to consider – the Big H: I’m 31 and Considering a …

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