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Week in Review: I Need Your Help!

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You guys. I need your help. For real. I’ve got something big for you to do. So big, that this Week in Review is going to deviate a bit from our normal format. If you follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google + (seriously, do we really need that many social media accounts?) then you likely already know whats going on. But for those who don’t (or for those who saw the updates yesterday, but weren’t really in a position to share at the time), I wrote something. I mean, duh, it’s what I do – I’m a writer. But this something is maybe one of the more important things I think I have ever written. At least, in terms of what I am hoping it will be able to accomplish. What it potentially could accomplish, if you are willing to help. You see, I’m trying to find the two families I donated my eggs to 7 years ago. I’m hoping to reach them, and even further hoping that they will be as curious about me as I have always been about them – so curious that they may be willing to break the anonymity we agreed to so …

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