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Week in Review: I’m Raising a Girly-Girl


Yes, it’s true. Cheeks is becoming a girly-girl, through and through. A fact which really cracks me up, because I couldn’t possibly be less of a girly-girl myself. But my girl? She is definitely starting to gravitate to all things feminine. Case in point: I have this costume jewelry from when I was Madonna a few Halloweens back. Just three faux-pearl necklaces that Cheeks found in a drawer a few weeks ago. Ever since then, she has been getting up every single morning and going straight to that drawer first to pull out her “ne-la-es” (necklaces, for those who don’t speak toddler) and put them on. She has also started toting around one of my smaller purses, which is interesting because I think she’s only seen me use it myself once or twice – I’m usually all about the giant diaper bag. Still, she likes the dainty. Obvi. But this has been my girl lately: Decking herself out in her finest attire on the daily. Because you just never know who you might run into! *** What I’ve Been Saying How much do you trust your mom gut? This week, I talked over at about the struggles I have …

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