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Week in Review: Getting Into The Spirit


I have always been a Grinch. In fact, in my entire adult life, I have never once decorated for Christmas. Ever. I have my reasons. The holidays bring up bad memories – memories of times when I was a kid who felt very alone and very unwanted. So, as an adult, I simply became a Grinch. And then I had Cheeks, and everything changed. Last year we spent Christmas at my dad’s in Arizona, mostly because I wasn’t sure I knew quite how to do Christmas for my girl. But this year, we’re staying home – and I am getting more and more excited by the day for my girl’s first white Christmas and my first real Christmas. I’ve been coming up with traditions for us and stocking up on supplies. And this week, for the first time ever in my adult life – I did Christmas shopping. I’m not a big gifts person, and I can’t see me ever wanting the presents to become the focal point of our holiday celebrations, but… I totally had fun picking out little trinkets for Cheeks to unwrap in just 2 months! I even got the most adorable wrapping paper ever! Who knew …

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