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Week in Review: Learning to Dance in the Rain

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No daycare for Cheeks today, so we’re off having a mommy and me fun day! First gymnastics with some friends, then a trip to the pool. Back home for a nap, and then heading out tonight to a backyard bonfire. We’ll be celebrating a friends birthday and letting the kids run around in what has to be one of the last nice weekends of fall. Because seriously, this is Alaska – how is it still fall in Mid-October?   What I’ve Been Saying I wrote a piece for this week that was supposed to be fun and lighthearted, but that instead wound up creating some unexpected controversy on Facebook. Who knew? I think this actually highlighted a theme that has been recurring throughout the Mommy Wars Series – the fact that sometimes a hypersensitivity to certain subjects can actually be the trigger for these “wars”, not merely the subjects themselves. And when you are looking for reasons to be offended, while choosing to explicitly ignore tone and intent, you can surely find those reasons anywhere. But you be the judge – what do you think? To the Moms of Boys: I Salute You   Then I had another piece …

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