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The First Stitch Fix Review!

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It came, it came! For those of you who caught my post about a month back about Stitch Fix, my first box arrived this weekend. And eeeeek! It was just like Christmas! If you need a quick recap, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service where every month, you get a box with 5 items hand picked specifically for you by a stylist. The box includes information about how to best wear each piece and explanations of why they were all picked for you. The total cost is only $20 a month, which is then applied to your purchase if you decide to keep any of those clothes (so you pay $20 to get the box, and then if you decide to keep a $40 shirt – you are only charged an additional $20). The reasons I personally decided to sign up for Stitch Fix:   I have a close friend who loves it. And I swear, every time I have asked her in the last year where she got some cute new item of clothing – the answer has always been “Stitch Fix.” I have no fashion sense. I am still wearing the same t-shirt and jean combos I …

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