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Week in Review: Whoa, Just Whoa


Is it just me, or has this week been crazy for anyone else? I feel like I can’t even fully wrap my head around, or put into words, all that has been going on. A 6.2 earthquake. Doctors appointments. A child who has ceased napping, and who threw the most epic bedtime fit of her life this week. Media. Work. Giveaways. It’s all just been a little crazy. Let me tell you about it!   What I’ve Been Saying Over at, I had a new post commemorating the soon-to-be release of Gilmore Girls on Netflix instant: and exploring all the ways I want to be Lorelei Gilmore when I grow up! 7 Reasons Lorelei Gilmore is My Single Momspiration   And in case you missed it, I got a chance to talk about a big passion of mine – and how you can help! Frosty’s and Adoption   Behind the Scenes I really have been crazy busy this week. I’m working on creating a series for two different outlets, one focused on mommy war issues and the other on adoption. I’m really excited to share these new projects with you soon. That article I told you about last week …

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