My name is Leah, but you can call me S.I.F.

I am an over-thinking over-writer who blogs most days just to keep the voices in my head quiet.

I have been known to send novel length e-mails to ex-boyfriends in the middle of the night after a few too many glasses of wine – it’s a habit I really am trying to break.

Newly 30, I am convinced that my quarter-life crisis is bound to end any day now.

When I was just 25, I packed up my car and drove over 3000 miles north from San Diego to Alaska by myself. I was ready for a change. I had traveled, gotten my degree, lived a party girl beach lifestyle, and found myself in the process. I figured all that was left now was falling in love and starting a family.

Silly me, I thought that would be the easy part.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis within a year of moving. Doctors said that if I ever wanted to have children – it was a now or never scenario. After a lot of tears and many sleepless nights, I set out to pursue IVF as a single woman.

Somewhere along the way I started this blog to tell those tales.

I picked a sperm donor and moved forward with the belief that this would be hard, but that I would come out the other end a success. After 2 failed IVF cycles in 2010 though, I was deep in infertility debt and nurturing a broken heart.

My body had failed me, and it was time to come to terms with the fact that I would likely never carry a child. I began to work on healing, while continuing to chronicle my adventures in love, life and infertility right here in Alaska.

But in February of 2013, something amazing happened. Just when I had started to let go and was looking into adopting an older child through foster care – a perfect, beautiful and healthy newborn baby girl was literally dropped into my lap. On the day she was born, my life was forever changed.

And now… we are on a whole new adventure.

With my first book being published in April of 2013 – available today on Amazon.

If you are new here and looking for a better picture of what you may have missed – browse through my Best Of  page to catch up.

You can also check in on some of the Media I have been involved in over the last several years, talking about infertility and generally trying not to make an ass of myself.

And if you are an infertility or endometriosis sufferer yourself – You might find some of these Links helpful.

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